Aolikes gloves with wrist wrap 109


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– Unit of measure: 1 pair

– Weight: 100g

– Material: Elastic elastic fabric.

– Design half-finger gloves, half-handed. Correctly protect the handle folds from calluses.

– Compact gloves, convenient, not big, bulky.

– The surface of the glove has hundreds of round boxes embossed with anti-slip silicon, ensuring safety when exercising. ✦ Gym gloves with wristbands provide maximum support for lifting and pushing exercises. ✦ Specialized products for you to exercise, exercise, single beam, even outdoor sports cycling.

– Color: only black and white.

Advantages of Aolikes products:

✦ Gloves bring the most comfortable feeling for both men and women when piercing and exercising, 4-way stretch gloves, effective palm-resistant cushion, neck wrap support Hands are more firm, minimizing unnecessary injuries.

✦ The cushion is designed on the inside of the hand to give the user a smooth yet supple feeling. ✦ The back layer of the hand is also designed to absorb sweat, helping to keep hands dry during exercise.

✦ The wrist part is designed to be elastic so we can easily take off, remove, the outside design with the adhesive belt can be easily changed according to the width of the Wrists create firmness, do not slip, loose when exercising, minimize possible injuries.


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